Writing Samples


Credit: Angelo Cavalli/Robert Harding


Decmber 6, 2019

How American do I feel
When they dance with their hands first
before they dance on their two feet
Dressed like a green serpent—
chanting around a blazing fire
Religion and dance become inseparable.


Credit: DomoINK


November 20, 2019

To stretch your black arms
Around her hollow body
because of your insolence.
Unable to truly love you
Another child is born into the world.

Code Switched

Credit: Aurélia Durand

Code Switched

November 8, 2019

Right before I leave my college apartment
I am reminded of who I become.

Instead of talkin' like THIS
WHAT'S GOOD? How you been?
I remind myself,
Don't get too loud or… deep
Make use of full sentences
And try to

Victorian Menagerie

A Victorian Menagerie

May 2020

Harrison Weir was considered a "man of many parts" (Simon Cooke, Victorian Web). He was an animal artist of the nineteenth century, naturalist, ornithologist, horticulturist ...